$.008 per word

Also known as macro editing. Our editors will review and correct written material submitted by the author to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, inconsistency, and repetition.

Please email dragonflyinkpublishing@gmail.com for all editing inquiries.

Someone will be in touch within 72 hours to schedule a consultation. 


Developmental Editing


Thank you for your interest in Dragonfly Ink Editing Services.

We guarantee a 30-day turnaround for all Proofing and Basic Copy Editing.

Developmental Editing may take longer than 30 days since it is subject to individual author needs.

Please note: Dragonfly Ink Publishing does not accept all manuscripts. This is not a negative reflection of the work submitted, but may simply be due to editor availability.

$.005 per word

Also known as line editing. Our editors look at an increment of text on the copy and then compare it to the corresponding typeset increment. They will mark any errors using standard proofreader marks.

Basic Copy Editing

$.013 per word

‚ÄčAlso known as content editing or big picture. Our editors work with authors on the structure and con¬≠tent of a book. They find problems of inconsistent tone or an unclear audience. 

The work is reviewed in collaboration with the author, in conceiving the topic, planning the overall structure, developing an outline, and coaching chapter by chapter if necessary.

Publishing Your Way