Holiday 2018 Edition

This edition includes:​

  • Shayla Black, New York Times Bestselling Author, gives more than words
  • Exclusive with narrator Zachary Webber, the voice of Christian Grey
  • Beneath the Surface with Anna Edwards
  • Holiday Stories from the Heart
  • Reviews from Audiobook Obsession
  • Author Holiday Recipes
  • Fill your Kindle with Cheer: Holiday Romance Guide 


  • Sizzling Summer Reads
  • Your Romance Fix & Addiction
  • Also featuring Deborah Alexander, Nina Crespo, Verlene Landon, Marina Simcoe, and Charlotte Hart
  • And so much more!
  • Musical Inspirations from LJ Evans
  • Word Search & Coloring Pages
  • Holiday Love Libs
  • Confessions of an Audiobook Addict
  • Special Guests: Andrea Emmes, Natalie- Nicole Bates, Dani Rene, J.L. Baldwin, Stacey Johnston 
  • Spotlight Author Features
  • What's Hot, Magazine Exclusives, including free books from Jas T. Ward
  • Character Interviews​, and so much more!
  • Book Reviews
  • Breakout Author, Desiree Adele
  • Word Searches
  • Your Romance Fix & Addiction
  • Print Bonus Content (only available in the print version of Love & Lace)
  • Book signings near you
  • And so much more!
  • Audiobook Corner: What's New in Audio? 
  • Music in Books: Cora Kenborn
  • Daily Taste: Author Favorite Recipes 
  • Special Guests: Dylan Allen, DD Sparxx, J.L. Baldwin, Shannon Nemechek, Heather Guimond...and many others!
  • Print Bonus Content (only available in the print version of Love & Lace):​ Coloring Pages, Word Searches

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As an author, Dakota Willink was always on the lookout for new ways to promote her books. However, she was getting tired of paying high prices for ads that garnered little to no return on investment.  As a reader, she was beginning to feel numb toward book links that flooded her inbox and social media. Scrolling past social media posts and automatically hitting the delete button in her inbox became the norm. With that in mind, she thought it was safe to assume that readers were doing much of the same. She often thought that there had to be some other way for authors to reach readers.

Dakota liked the idea of a magazine, in both eBook and print, and decided to look more into it. She thought about reader interests, and about when and where they were most active. Author fan groups on Facebook came to mind first, so she asked one of her own fans why reader groups seemed to be their go-to place. The answer was simple – it’s a more personal way to get to know the author.

Taking those words to heart, she revisited her thoughts about creating a magazine. She felt it was important to make it unique with personal content, yet still have romance books at the core of the magazine. She also wanted it to be affordable for authors, no matter how thick or thin their wallet was. 

Dakota shared her idea with her Personal Assistant, Cheryl Maddox. Cheryl loved the idea and immediately jumped on board. Together, they went to work on making the magazine a reality. After months of working on content ideas, formatting, and design, Love and Lace InKorporated was created. 

About Love & Lace InKorporated
Created by author, Dakota Willink, Love & Lace InKorporated is a literary magazine designed with the avid romance reader in mind. Available in a full color eBook and print, Love & Lace gives readers an inside look at their favorite authors.
Love & Lace InKorporated is a quarterly publication. Inside you’ll find author and character interviews, author favorite recipes, book reviews and recommendations, audiobook news, hot new releases, and so much more!​​​

Summer 2018 Edition

This edition includes:​​

  • Exclusive interview with New York Times Bestselling Author, Alessandra Torre
  • Interview with narrator & Audie Award Winner, Andi Arndt
  • Comedy Cafe with HJ Bellus and Roxy Sinclaire
  • Passionflix Summer Preview
  • Beneath the Surface with MADD: Interview with Echo Hart
  • Reviews from The Phantom Paragrapher
  • You Heard It First: Special Podcast Feature from The AudioFlow
  • Audiobook Corner: What's New in Audio? 
  • Love Libs featuring an excerpt from Betty Shreffler
  • Daily Taste: Author Favorite Recipes 
  • Special Guests: Felicity Brandon, Joz Maxel, Rae B. Lake, Crimson Syn...and many more!
  • Print Bonus Content (only available in the print version of Love & Lace): Coloring Page from K. Bromberg, Crossword Puzzle, Love Libs

Fall 2018 Edition

This edition includes:​

  • Beyond the Pages with New York Times Bestselling Author, K. Bromberg
  • Interview with narrator, author, and producer, Tanya Eby
  • Comedy Cafe with Jess Bryant
  • Exclusive from 2018 RITA Finalist, Tamara Lush
  • Beneath the Surface with MADD: Interview with Linny Lawless
  • Reviews from TDC Book Reviews
  • Beneath the Surface interview with Mary B. Moore
  • Ramblings & Love Libs from Jennifer Woodhull
  • Music in Books from Victoria Vale
  • Also featuring Alta Hensley, K.L. Clare, Betty Shreffler and many more!

Summer 2019 Edition

This edition includes:​​​

  • Kennedy Ryan, RITA Award Nominee
  • Romancing Duets with Wen Ross & Kai Kennicott
  • Spotlight Feature: Celebrating Diversity In Romance
  • Special Guests Lizzie Lee & Kelly Moore
  • Beneath the Surface interview with Golden Angel
  • What's Hot in Audio!
  • Daily Taste: The Flavors of Summer
  • Word Searches

Spring 2019 Edition

This edition includes:​​​

  • Two-time RITA Award Winner, J. Kenner
  • Spotlight Interview with 1001 Dark Nights
  • Audiobook Narrator, Erin Mallon
  • Special Guests: Desiree Adele, Betty Shreffler, Miranda Lynn, Tammera Cooper, Jade Royal, Alexis Abbott, & Alta Hensley
  • ​​Character Interview from CJ Warrant
  • ​​Daily Taste

Fall 2019 Edition

This edition includes:​​​

  • C.D. Reiss, New York Times Bestselling Author
  • Behind the Voice: featuring Aaron Shedlock, Lacy Laurel, Sarah Puckett, and Victoria Mei
  • ​Special Feature: Leave Me Breathless
  • ​Special Guests Tarrah Anders & Tabetha Waite
  • Character Interview from J.L. Leslie
  • ​Daily Taste: Get Ready for Fall