​Services include all of the above, plus:

  • Wordpress website set up to align with author brand and goals
  • Checklist for easy website management 
  • Graphics package (social media headers & website banners)


Newsletter​ Formatting

(2 per month, additional newsletters are $10 each)


Closeout of all author monthly giveaways

*NOTE: For less than 3 closeouts in a month, the cost is reduced to $10


Distribution of author prize giveaways

*NOTE: For less than 3 distributions in a month, the cost is reduced to $10

Author Sign Up Opportunities
(signing up authors for promotional opportunities, such as newsletter list builders and other advertising opportunities)

​Email Management
(responding to emails & regular inbox clean up) 

$20 Flat Fee

Media Kit set up

$2o Flat Fee

Google Calendar set up


Google calendar management

$15 Flat Fee

Book Submissions

(Submitting books to industry reviewers & high profile bloggers for editorial reviews - up to five submissions)

$10 Flat Fee

Google Form Creation 


​Amazon Giveaway set up & management

$100 Flat Fee

Facebook Party Set Up

(scheduled in your reader group or a separate event on our Facebook page, up to 4 hours)

*Author must find outside authors for takeover. If you would like us to find the authors for you, we can do it for an additional $50


Daily Social Media Post Management

(includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages & groups)


ARC Team Set Up & Maintenance

(sending ARC's, verifying reviews, etc)

$50 Flat Fee

Street Team Set Up

$50 Flat Fee (per event)

Book Launch Events

(set up book launch events, such as blog tours, Facebook release parties, & large scale launch giveaways)


Street Team Management


Researching & Scheduling Author Facebook Event Opportunities

(examples: author takeovers or release parties)​


Promoting on Social Media

(posting for author in various Facebook groups and entering contests)

Coordination of Newsletter Swaps
NOTE: Author is responsible for sending out agreed upon swaps unless the "Newsletter Formatting" service is purchased.​

Services include:

  • Daily social media post management (includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages and groups)
  • ​Researching & scheduling author Facebook event opportunities (example: author takeovers)
  • Closeout of author giveaways
  • Google calendar set up & management 

Includes all services in the BASIC and ADVANCED package, plus:

  • Coordination of newsletter swaps
  • Street Team set up
  • ​Email management (responding to emails & regular inbox clean up)
  • ​​Newsletter Formatting
  • Signing up authors for promotional opportunities (such as newsletter list builders, advertising opportunities)
  • Set up book launch events (such as blog tours, Facebook release parties, large scale launch giveaways)
  • ​Amazon Giveaway set up & management

NEW AUTHOR PACKAGE 2 - $250 flat fee

Includes all services in the BASIC package, plus:

  • Distribution of author prize giveaways 
  • Submitting books to industry reviewers & high profile bloggers for editorial reviews
  • Researching book signing opportunities
  • Google Form creation & maintenance
  • Media Kit set up & management
  • ​Promoting on Social Media

PREMIUM - $250 per month

ADVANCED - $150 per month

Dragonfly PRO - $350 per month

Includes all services in the BASIC, ADVANCED, and PREMIUM package, plus:

  • Putting together a social media plan to align with author goals
  • ​Monitor publishing schedule in order to strategize book launches
  • Weekly conference calls to evaluate author strategies and plans 
  • Goodreads profile management
  • ​Bookbub profile & ad management
  • ​Coordinate & schedule in-person signing events and promote them accordingly
  • ​Work as a liaison between author and other industry professionals (editors, graphics designers, agents, bloggers, etc)
  • Scout for agents & editors accepting pitches
  • ​ARC Team set up & maintenance (including sending ARC's, verifying reviews, etc)

BASIC - $75 per month


In order to find the right person to fit your needs, please fill out the form below to the best of your ability.


Dragonfly Ink Publishing offers a variety of Personal Assistant services, all of which can be purchased in a bundle or a la Carte.  

For more in-depth marketing options, click HERE. For Book Formatting, click HERE. *Please note: All packages below can be tailored to your needs.



NEW AUTHOR PACKAGE 1 - $100 flat fee

Services include:

  • Social media set up (Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter)
  • ​ARC Team set up
  • Goodreads profile set up
  • ​Bookbub profile set up
  • ​Media Kit set up
  • Cross-promotion checklist (how to find and network with other authors)